Bronte-esque brides on the cliffs at Flamborough

From the blustery cliffs at Flamborough Head, I collaborated with a range of artists from Yorkshire to bring drama and a Bronte-esque aesthetic to Kate Beaumont’s gowns from her new range.

The concept – born from the creative hive at Jenn Edwards Artistry – was to create a dramatic look to withstand the elements on the cliff face by the North Sea. It is by no means an accident to make hair look this gorgeous in almost gale force winds. Make-up artist Natalie Manlove mirrors textures of the landscape with cracked gold leaf and painted freckles. To tie in the layers of textures, we were very lucky to have Grey Suit Clay on board who created the most stunning speckled dinnerware.

A warm and feminine contrast to the topography of this brooding landscape has been created by Justine of Kesali Flower Studio. Delicate florals have been foraged and home grown for the bouquet and table setting.

Last but not least are the stunning gowns from Kate Beaumont. The silk and lace dance in the wind and create a wispy and romantic aesthetic for an adventurous bride.

or those new to the world of hand-crafted dinnerware, we would like to introduce the exclusive range from Grey Suit Clay. The Curve Collection from Grey Suit Clay is wheelthrown in a creamy toned, finely speckled stoneware clay, and is designed as a celebration of softness.

The smoothly curved forms are sprayed with a blush of three different glazes in subtle peachy pink, ‘nude’ tones and finished with a gloss and matte transparent blend to give a delicate, all over satin sheen – each piece is unique in its finish.

Working with this team was such an honour, I love working witht these amazing women on shoots, we always manage to create something really special.




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