Here we go. Day one of ‘Lockdown.’ I don’t know about you, but I have been very up and down emotionally. One minute I am excited by the prospect of having the time to paint my skirting boards, and then the next I am sobbing, pinching myself in the hope that this is all just a terrible nightmare.

The past couple of weeks have consisted of talking to my couples who were due to get married in April/May /June / July and working out how we can still work together after they have postponed their wedding. They have been so resilient, cool, and just amazing to talk to. I am really thankful that I get to work with these amazing people.

My April and May is now wiped clean. NOTHING in the diary.

I have decided to keep a visual diary during this MAD TIME IN THE UPSIDE DOWN. I am not really great with words, so making sense of this time in isolation through photography is going to be really helpful for my mental health. It is also going to be an important document to look back on when this is far behind us.

So here is my diary, my experience of isolation. I am guessing it will be limited to my house, garden and the places I go with Pawel the pooch for his walk and my state sanctioned exercise.

I started today with a handful of images. Some days might have more than others. I am just determined to make images everyday, until this is over.  ( Oh and also at the massive hugfest that will ensue when the lockdown is lifted. )

Please feel free to comment / engage / send me your photos too.




Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six