Planning your dream wedding is an emotional rollercoaster, and when it comes to photography, I totally get the worries that can creep in. Let me spill the beans on what it’s really like working with me. Explore some of the common worries couples have before choosing their wedding photographer, ensuring you’re well-informed about what to expect with your relaxed wedding photos.


No FOMO on Your Big Day

Ever worry about missing out on your own wedding? I get it. Couples concerned about spending too much time on group or couple shots can relax with me. My approach ensures you’re part of the celebration, not separated from it. Expect contemporary shots that are anything but ‘stuffy.’

The Mowbray Wedding

Breaking Free from Stiff and Stale

Gone are the days of tedious group photos and feeling like a mannequin in your own wedding album. My couples rave about the relaxed, natural feel of my photography. No forced smiles or awkward poses—just genuine moments that capture the essence of your unique love story.


Keeping it Real, Keeping it You

Posed photos to a minimum? Absolutely. Feeling relaxed and natural? Absolutely. Your wedding day should reflect who you are, not who you think you should be. Your couples portrait sessions are all about authenticity and don’t take you away from the party for too long. I’ll give you the space to be yourselves while creating those wall worthy OMG photos.


From Taste to Personality: I’ve Got You Covered

Will the photos represent you authentically? Absolutely. My couples testify that their images are a true reflection of who they are. No cookie-cutter poses, just beautiful snapshots that encapsulate your personalities and the unique vibe of your day.


Blending In, Not Sticking Out

Worried about the photographer being the center of attention? Not on my watch. I take pride in seamlessly blending in as a well behaved guest as your day unfolds. If I were to stick out and throw off the vibe, your loved ones might feel a bit camera-shy. Staying low-key guarantees a relaxed atmosphere, helping everyone feel comfortable and at ease.

A peek into the portrait experience

I believe in making your portrait session a highlight, not a hassle. Think that you are an awkward “Chandler Binger” Don’t worry, I have your back. 80% of the couples on my website broke into cold sweats at the thought of what to do with their hands. And you wouldn’t even know it. I’ve got a knack for guiding you in a way that shifts the focus from the fact that you’re even posing for photos. Perhaps you’re part of the lucky 20% who absolutely relish the lens—I’ve got you covered too! I can read the room and know when to let you shine, capturing those unapologetically you moments.



Then I’m eager to discover your story and explore the exciting prospect of creating something amazing together! 

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