Rain Rescue Calendar Shoot

At The Lightspace Studios with Shelley Richmond

Rain Rescue are a leading charity based in South Yorkshire dedicated to saving the lives of pets in crisis. www.rainrescue.co.uk

Not only do they ensure that cats and dogs who are abandoned are given veterinary care, but they also promote responsible pet ownership by educating the public and raising awareness of the tragic consequences that face abandoned pets. In order to support the amazing work done at Rain Rescue, the UBER talented Shelley Richmond shoots an annual calendar featuring the lovely doggies that have been rescued by the charity, The funds raised from the sales of the calendar are vital to ensure that Rain Rescue can continue to care for these animals and help support the matching of these pets to new owners. I was lucky to spend the day shooting behind the scenes to give you lot a flavor for what is to come! The stars of the day had to have been Yogi, Sparky, Dolly, Shelley (the dog not the photographer!) and Bronte. They donned wonderful floral head wear and corsages (or the aptly named “PAWsage”  created by  Tracey of Campbell’s Flowers  and the cutest ever top hats crafted by Sophie at Imogen’s Imagination. On a final note, I had so much fun spending the afternoon with these furry friends. They  had so much love to give and I can’t WAIT to get my hands on a new calendar! If you can’t wait. there are many ways you can show your support, just visit http://www.rainrescue.co.uk/how-to-help/