Peak District Wedding at the Castleton Rotary Club

Peter + Flo’s Peak District wedding was super special in so many ways. Not only are they great pals of mine, but my partner Joe conducted their ceremony! They were married on the 2nd of July at Sheffield town hall, and had an intimate celebration at the Montgomery Hall. Really worth a look if you need a bright and airy function room in the center of Sheffield. Their Peak District wedding took place a couple of days later. Close friends and family attended initially  with I think 9 page boys and flower girls! Another aspect that made their wedding truly DIY, was the food! Flo is one half of Tonco and a SUPERB chef. Beautiful salads, Tonco famous sourdough, quiches and seasonal veg accompanied the many bottles of fizz dutifully driven over from the north of France by Peter’s mum and dad John and Geraldine.  Keep an eye out for the Mayor of Sheffield gracefully photo-bombing the formal shots!

The lovely blooms you see were actually grown by Flo and her neighbor Jenny, who has the most stunning garden! Flo and Peter did grow an abundance of tulips for their Peak District wedding venue, but the snowy weather brought them out far too early. This wasn’t a problem, as they were used for the confetti!

Flo’s gorgeous silk skirt was from, (top tip look in the sale section it’s a bit pricey  but the clothing ireally unique) The skirt was accompanied with a bow made from vintage fabric that Flo’s mum found in her house that was wrapped in 1920’s newspaper! Peter’s  super cool suit was from

A few days later we were at the Castleton Rotary Club so we could set up for the celebration! It is becoming more and more popular to have the ‘legal bit’ on one day, and then the ceremony and celebrations at a different venue on another day. It allows you to be more flexible with your numbers, and you can get married anywhere!
 Having a Peak District wedding means you have a gorgeous backdrop, and also plenty of space for happy campers! The rotary club boasts a 50 capacity barn for those less able / willing to camp. A few of the guests arrived the evening before, and we had a BBQ to get the festivities started. There is also a well equipped kitchen that Peter, Flo, Joe and co used to prep all of the food for the guests ( yes Flo catered for her own wedding!)

That’s all from me. Thank you to Flo and Peter for sharing their gorgeous day with us!    xx



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