Micro Wedding Ceremony at Sheffield Town Hall

I have to admit, when Rebecca and Luke contacted me and told me about their micro ceremony in Sheffield, it would have been the first time I shot a wedding with less than 10 guests! They wanted a small celebration with their closest family to mark their marriage and the end of their long distance relationship. ( In a good way!) They opted for a small, intimate ceremony, with a view to have a larger celebration after a year with extended family and friends ( I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!) Now more commonly known as a ‘sequel wedding.’

Their micro wedding at the Town Hall in Sheffield was so intimate, emotional and absolutely beautiful, I had plenty of moments to capture for them, even though they had six guests for the whole day. Having a smaller guestlist most certainly didn’t subtract anything from the day! After the ceremony, they moved onto a dinner and drinks at Whitley Hall Hotel in a stunning private dining room.

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Here is a selection of photos from the day, and some of Rebecca’s own words about how she met Luke, and her take on a small wedding ceremony.


How did you both meet?

Luke and I met when Luke was visiting Canada back in 2014. I was a student at University and he took a tour of the campus for something to do. He got lost near the campus store and asked me for directions. His British accent had me hooked immediately and we spent every moment together until he left a few weeks later. After that, we went back and forth from England to Canada for two years for a total of 14 trips every couple of months before I moved over.

Tell us about the proposal

Luke proposed to me in the Lake District in the middle of Lake Windemere in Cumbria. He told me he had planned to do it earlier on when we went for a walk, but it poured rain so he walked around with the ring in his pocket hoping to find another moment. That moment came when we rented a motor boat and went out into the lake. The sky absolutely split open with the most beautiful sun and he suggested I drive the boat and not turn around. When I did turn around, he was on one knee and I said “yes!”

How would you describe your wedding day in one sentence?
A beautiful mix of love and utter relief that never again will we be a part from one another.


Who did your Hair and Makeup?
Jenn Edwards and Co did the most beautiful job on my hair and makeup. I had no idea what I wanted and left it up to them, and I am so glad I did!

And the dress?
My dress was from ASOS, I ordered it online and it was the only one I tried on. I knew that it was the one.

And the flowers?
Swallows and Damsons left me speechless with their beautiful flowers. I never had an
appreciation for them until I saw my wedding bouquet.

What about the suit?!
Luke bought his suit from House of Fraser; he did hours of research to find the perfect suit and tie. We went to so many stores and bought and returned so many ties. In the end, it was absolutely perfect and some how he managed to match his tie and pocket square perfectly to the colour of my hair.

Why did you opt for a ‘Sequel’ wedding?

Our small intimate wedding was everything I ever wished it was going to be. I would not have changed anything about it. I am so glad I get the ability to do both the smaller and the sequel wedding because the smaller wedding was about us and our love. It was a chance to celebrate us in the best way possible. The sequel is the celebration of the intimate wedding. It’s a chance to celebrate with our family and friends everything that
we got to privately celebrate first.

Where was that incredible cake from?
The cake was from Depot Bakery. I have been vegan for four years and it was hard to find a baker that was willing to do a full vegan cake, so they did a spectacular job and there was so many leftovers!

What was the best part of having a smaller wedding?
The best part of having the more intimate wedding was that it was more private. When we first got engaged, a lot of people told me to carve out some time for you and your spouse so that you didn’t get lost in the day and got to savour it. I did not have to do that for our intimate wedding, I got to savour every moment there and then because it was always just me and Luke. There were no distractions of lots of people, I never had to be reminded that I was there for him and he was there for me.

What was your favourite part of the day?
My favourite part of the day was our ceremony. It was at Sheffield Town Hall, and they were so accommodating and made it feel like a real church wedding. I don’t think I realised how emotional I was going to be. It never occurred to me that during our vows, I would not just be professing my love for Luke but also finally saying goodbye to our long-distance past of missing each other terribly day in and day out. It was the start of our permanent life together that we had dreamed about for so long.

Can you tell me/show me what one of your favourite images from the day was and
why you like it?

I absolutely love this photo because I can never get a photo of Luke’s genuine smile. His look radiates joy and that’s exactly what I want to remember about the day. You can also see my shoes, which I absolutely loved!

Any advice to any couples opting for a smaller wedding?
Do everything that you want to do! With it being smaller, you don’t have to say no to the fancier things that might be too expensive for a larger wedding. But also realise that at the end of the day when you strip a wedding to its core, it’s about you and your partner.

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