Dogs at Weddings: 8 Tips for Incorporating Your Furry Best Friend into Your Big Day

Doggone it! It’s your big day and you want your furry best friend to be right there by your side. After all, they’re more than just a pet, they’re a part of your pack! So, let’s get barking and talk about having dogs at weddings with these 8 tips:

Sniff Out a Dog-Friendly Venue:

Before you start planning, make sure your venue is pup-friendly. Get the lowdown on any rules and regulations so you can avoid any unwanted surprises. Here is Sam with his humans Heather and Joe. He got to hang at Whirlow Brook Hall, a dog friendly wedding venue in Sheffield. He was present for the ceremony, photos and he got to listen to the speeches too!

2. Plan a “dog of honor” or “best paw-tner” role:

Give your dog a special title and have them walk down the aisle with the bridal party or lead the way for the bride. Decide on what role you want your pup to play in the big day and make sure that role is feasible with the venue and the other aspects of the wedding. 

3. Choose a Responsible Person:

Designate a reliable person to take care of your dog throughout the day. This person should be comfortable around dogs and have a strong sense of responsibility…or just a lot of dog treats.

4. Plan a Quiet Space:

Weddings can be overwhelming for dogs (and sometimes people!) , so make sure you have a quiet space for them to relax in. This could be a designated room or even a crate, but make sure your pup has access to water, food, and a comfortable place to nap.

5. Dress them up.

This one’s a no-brainer.  Dogs at weddings should always look their best. Your pup should look as sharp as the best-dressed guest. Whether you choose a bowtie, bandana, or flower crown, make sure they’re comfortable and stylish.

6. Keep them cool:

Summer weddings can be brutal, especially for a dog in a suit. Make sure they have plenty of water, shade, and if possible air conditioning to stay comfortable.

7. Hire a Professional:

If you’re worried about your pup getting overwhelmed or stressed, consider hiring a professional pet sitter or dog walker. They will be able to take care of your pup and ensure that they’re comfortable and happy throughout the day. I cant recommend Bow Wow Vow enough! Wonderfully described as “your pet’s plus one” they offer a range of services to help include your pooch in your wedding day.

8. Have Fun!

Above all, make sure you have fun and enjoy the moment with your pup. They’re a huge part of your life and you want them to be a part of this special day. So, take a deep breath, relax and let the good times roll…like a dog on a soft, plushy bed.

Incorporating your dog into your wedding can be a fun and meaningful experience. Just make sure you plan ahead and take the necessary precautions to ensure your pup is happy and comfortable. With these tips, you’ll be able to make sure your dog is a paw-some addition to your big day! ( not sorry about the pun, deal with it.)  Like what you see and need a photographer for your wedding?  Then contact me using the form below.

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