Vintage wedding inspiration for a colourful DIY wedding in Derbyshire

I’m so pleased Richard and Alyssa have shared their  vintage wedding with us! It was a day filled with colour, friends and plenty of smiles  (maybe a couple of tears too! ) Their Derbyshire wedding photography features there ceremony held at Elder Chapel in Chesterfield, and we moved on to the Hasland Village hall for their wedding reception. I love Alyssa’s vintage look and their wedding photography  was a really important aspect of their budget. The games and bubbles in the grounds of the village hall was a brilliant touch and meant i was able to catch their guess in action, perfect for documentary style photographer Over to them for their story and tips on how they made the most of their budget, and how they were able to create their beautiful and cheerful wedding style!

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The Dog House

Pin Up Curl

Derbyshire ice cream bike

Classic American wedding cars

Flair n funk bar

Date of wedding 07.07.2017

Location of ceremony and reception Elder Chapel & Hasland Village Hall

What made you decide to get married where you did? Chapel wedding without the religion, always liked the building, village hall was a chance visit to a wedding fair there.

How many guests? 120

How long did you take you take to plan the wedding? a year ish

How would you describe your wedding day in 2 sentences? A bloody brilliant day! A big party with loads of family and friends.

How did you meet? Online And how long have you been together? 5 ½ years

Tell me about the proposal – Rich proposed in Cologne at a Christmas market, sat outside drinking cocktails.

How did you spend / allocate your budget? We were a bit crap keeping track, we bought things gradually so the expense was spread out throughout the year. We saved cash by doing everything we could ourselves, ebay, flea markets and charity shops were our friends, we scrimped on things, which were in our opinion were not as important eg spending a ridiculous amount on a cake, and spent more on evening catering.

Where did you splurge and where/how did you save

Photographer :o) the general consensus from married friends was, this is where to spend, some love their pics, ones who scrimped wish they had spent more and regret this.

Hair – pin up curl, could never recreate this myself

Who was your dress by? And your accessories and shoes? Dress was wed2be bought 2 days before our wedding due to a mistake by the seamstress with the original dress. Irregular choice shoes, vintage accessories

And the suit? And bridesmaids? Suit Ben Sherman, dresses Little Wings

Did you have a theme or colour scheme you were working towards? Wanted loads of colour, very floral, very vintage

What sort of flowers did you have? Artificial peonies mixed with fresh baby’s breath and eucalyptus (from my parents garden) Flowers from the garden, Lidl roses, lots of babys breath!

What sort of decoration did you have? Pom poms, lights, teacup candelabra with flowers (supermarket bought and from parents gardens)

What did you eat? Cheese ploughmans sharing platters, Derbyshire Ice-cream Bike,The Dog House, hot dogs, chips and burgers

And the wedding cake?M&S plain white iced 3 tier, handmade topper, cakes made by family and Costco

What did you have as entertainment? Games & Music

Who supplied the stationery? We made all the invites

Did you have any personal touches? Or things that you did yourself?

We asked for songs from everyone, created a playlist with all the music we loved, played it throughout the day.

What were your special moments or highlights of the day? We had a walk with Hamish in the park, people were waving and shouting good wishes to us. Really enjoyed the vows, the vicar managed to help us get through our nerves.

What advice would you give any other couples about planning your big day, or any tips for the day itself? Don’t let other people tell you what to do, only invite people you want to, make sure someone has the contact details of all your suppliers.

What was your biggest surprise of the day? Managing to get through the vows without crying! Finding the best man asleep in the car park!


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