A gorgeous elopement at the Chateau De Carsix


One of the big bonuses of having “wedding Photographer” as your job title, is you get to visit THE MOST BEAUTIFUL places! This year for my quota of elopement wedding photography, I nipped over to the Chateau De Carsix. This intimate wedding was for the most lovely of couples from New York. I will focus on the venue details as their identities are being kept a secret, however,  there is a portrait of them together further down…

About  the Chateau

The Château de Carsix is ​​located in the department of Eure in the region of Haute Normandie near Paris.
Built in the 18th century, Château de Carsix, is reknowned for being one of the three most beautiful chateaux in the Normandy area. The light here is absolutely stunning! The chateau has its own chapel as well as side pavillions, giving guests plenty of room.

My awesome couple booked the venue for a long weekend which was perfect as many of their fiends and family flew over to France. There is a train station nearby which will get you straight to Paris in around an hour.


The Wedding Day


We did things a little differently and did a portrait shoot before the ceremony. This was a great way for my couple to spend a bit of time together and could relax before they exchanged vows. We did a first look which I love to do to add extra sprinkle of emotion! Friends conducted the ceremony and vows were written from the heart to add to the intimacy of the celebration.


After the ceremony it was cocktail hour! Not for me, as experimental images weren’t on the agenda! The groom surprised everyone by singing a song to the bride on the lawn! It was very sweet.


What is really perfect about this venue, is despite its grandeur, it has such a relaxed environment. Guests can chill out in the beautiful communal areas, or pop to their room to spruce up. The al fresco dining experience brings you back to nature, and the catering was YUM!

I just love elopement wedding photography, and would love to hear from you. If you have  a beautiful ( or adventurous!) destination wedding to plan, contact me to chat about it here.




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