The Best Wedding Photos of 2021

After a bit of a shall we say ‘fallow’ year in 2020, I thought it was about time to go through my stack of hardrives and pick out my favourite images from a much more sociable 2021! *disclaimer alert* I did chuck in a couple of 2020 weddings in the mix. If I am completely honest I failed to engage in any blogging in 2020 because that year was ROUGH. I spent the majority of my admin time chatting to my couples, rearranging dates, coming up with plan B C and D’s. And when my admin time was over, I was redecorating the house, doing burpees (thanks Joe Wicks) or spooning my little pooch Pawel. (TMI?!)

My excuse for not blogging in 2021 was the sheer volume of postponed weddings alongside with existing ones squeezed into a season meant I had zero time to do anything else. This is not a complaint! I’ll never forget the first time I heard live music in what felt like DECADES at Holly and Andrew’s wedding. The New York Brass band brought tears to my eyes. Never had Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ sounded so emotive. 

My eyes got wet when I saw people dancing again, and long lost relatives reunited and even when I saw familiar and favourite suppliers just being able to work again and do what they love. In fact, my eyes were wet for most of the summer and I can’t even blame it on hay-fever because I had a magical steroid injection this year that cured me! 

I have loved looking back through my wedding photography from last year as it has reminded me about the things that are truly important and highlighted what we value about each-other. I can’t wait for all the new celebrations that are coming in 2022 ( as there are still some 2020 postponements to get to!)  Thank you so much for reading this far , your reward is a feast for the eyes below!



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