Adventure Shoots – a way to celebrate togetherness!

Also known as a family shoot, a couple shoot, or an engagement shoot. You name it. I like to call it an adventure shoot as we usually go for an explore somewhere, be it a photos shoot in the Peak District, or some light chasing in an urban environment. There are only a couple of ingredients you need to have in order to own wonderful photographs of you , your family and even your pets . These ingredients are: You, a location and me!

I have been looking through some of my work from last year, and had to tell myself off for being so rubbish at sharing them with the world. Throughout the year I don’t just take photos at weddings, there is much more I can create for you so you have a document of your children when they are younger, or of families that don’t often get together. How many times have you said ” We need a picture as it will be a while before we are all together again!”  An adventure shoot is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone in your relationship (or even a perfect disguise to pop the question and have it documented by a pro!)  I take a certain pride in being able to make you feel totally comfortable on a shoot. For the most part, you wont really be aware of the photo-taking process, as I like to capture people in really natural poses. This means, that you aren’t actually posing, just being your wonderful selves. Here are a couple of my faves from last year.

If you would like to book an adventure shoot, you can see more information here.

Hollie And Joe – Beautiful Sunset photos in the Peak District

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Max, Nicci and The Girls – an Urban Family Photoshoot in Sheffield

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