Hello there.

Danni here, good to meet you!

Want to discover more about my work as a wedding photographer, what drives my passion, fuels my craft, and makes me tick? Well, then, you’ve landed on the right page. Have a good read and see if our values are aligned. This is super important when choosing your wedding photographer and being a good fit is essential for our collaboration.


What drives me to do what I do?


I find connections between people genuinely fascinating. After moving all over the world and having far-flung relatives myself, I recognise (and adore!) the beautifully rare opportunity a wedding provides to bring everyone dear to you together. To blend families and friends and celebrate love in all its glorious forms.

That’s why, on your wedding day, your most important people will become my most important people. I’ll fit in with them an absolute dream, and I’ll capture them being their most authentic selves.

Ultimately, though, it’s the emotion that a single photograph can emit or the story that a single frame can tell that drives my passion and fuels my craft.


What makes me really good at it?

My Experience

Being experienced in fashion and product shoots means you can trust me to capture striking yet effortless couple portraits as well as the all-important details that make your day your own.

As a former film and media lecturer, I’m able to construct a captivating narrative in the images I produce that’s subtle, nuanced, but unapologetically you.

My inner tech geek motivates me to invest in technology, software, and education to continually up my game, while my film enthusiast energy drives me to deconstruct fascinating footage so I can apply varied shooting methods to my work.

Above all else, I have a deep appreciation for natural beauty and a super keen eye for the little moments that mean so much.


Moi – What else brings me joy

The really important stuff

I’m an easy-going, fun-to-be-around creative. I’m all about meaningful experiences, the great outdoors and my little pooch Pawel. I live in Sheffield, and all things Yorkshire make me happy.

Somewhat contradictory to this, I’m forever dreaming of the next destination that’ll sweep me off my globe-trotting feet. Whether travelling for work or pleasure (though let’s face it, destination weddings are a different kind of work), exploring unfamiliar places is what inspires and invigorates me most. Morocco, Madrid, Lisbon and Borneo are some of my favourite places I’ve been, while Peru, Iceland, Japan and Mexico top my list of where I want to go next.

I feel most at home sitting by an open fire with a good book…or researching cool Air BnBs (I literally can’t help it!). Food is my second biggest love (after my dog), and if I wasn’t a photographer, I reckon I’d make a pretty awesome food critic. If I’m cooking, it’s likely to be wholesome chilli or curry one-pot-wonder, and if I’m at the bar, mine’s a pina colada or a bitter.

Danni Trivia

I’m a true crime fan

Yep. Im a Murderino. Give me an episode of “Forensic Files” or a long form Podcast about cults and I’m in my happy place.

I am very allergic to poison Ivy

As you can see in the screen-grab of me as a kid living in Tennessee.

Condiments are my weakness

I can stop at anytime. Really. I don’t NEEEED condiments with every dish. It just so happens I decide what to eat based on the condiments on offer.

I have sung in a few bands over the years

Next to photography, music is my passion. I have performed at venues like Shepherds Bush Empire and at Leeds/Reading, Sonisphere.

I accidentally had my appendix removed.

It’s a long story. Ask me about it.

I won this car

By keeping my hands on it for 56 hours. In Meadowhall. You can JUST see my hand in the far right of this image.

Look mamma.
I made it.

Other people who aren’t my mum also like me.

I could stick a load of cool badges here but these are the ones that are really important to me.

Rangefinder Rising Stars Nominee.

Very proud of this one.



Then I’m eager to discover your story and explore the exciting prospect of creating something amazing together! 

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